Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary in Battambang

Prek Toal Bird SanctuaryThe most important home for hundred species within Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve, a great lush area houses many endangered water birds including darters, little cormorants, grey herons, greater adjutants, milky & painted storks, black headed ibis, spot billed ducks and other species that yearly migrate from different sites of The Great Lake to gather at Prek Toal sanctuary for breeding during the wet season which gives the best time to observe, learn and witness how those lovely birds are concentratively being protected.

Prek Toal is truly famed for its special bird reserve, the boat excursion to visit Prek Toal bird sanctuary always admires the highlights of the significant river-life of the inhabitants in the floating communities of Battambang. It provides picturesque views of The Great Lake, passing some floating villages animated by fishing activities, learning from your local tour guide how people make a living on the surface of Tonle Sap Lake while observing rare endangered birdlife in Prek Toal reserve area. Whether you stay in Siem Reap or Battambang, it’s completely possible to explore Prek Toal bird sanctuary which a fully guided day trip can be arranged from a travel agency or your hotel.

When is it a good time to visit Prek Toal bird sanctuary?

To avoid the disappointment, Prek Toal bird sanctuary can be only visible from middle of November to early January when most of water birds including Greater Adjutants, Spot billed Pelican, Lesser Ducks, Comorans, Darters etc. are gathering to seek for food during the end of the breeding period before those migrate to other parts of Tonle Sap Lake. The best time to start is leaving downtown at 5.30am to Tonle Sap dock then embark a private local boat from Chong Kneas or Mechrey for Prek Toal. However, ensure that you should check for the latest update if you plan to explore the specialty of Prek Toal bird sanctuary.

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