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Situates at the conjunction of the Mekong, Tonle Sap River and Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh features the significant cultural and historical Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Museum and religious Wat Phnom that was built atop the hill in the heart of the capital.

The fresh riverside gives a pleasant walk overlooking Tonle Sap & Mekong as if taking picturesque photos of Royal Palace which should not be missed out. Along the riverfront, there are busy café, interesting boutique shops, restaurants, urban hotels and colonial buildings while at the other sides fulfill of colorful restaurants & bars which make the nightlife more cheerful.

From the tragic site of Choeung Ek killing field to the striking yellow Royal Palace, Phnom Penh offers a lot of things to do and see at her suburbs including the impressive Silk Island and the former Royal Capital “Phnom Oudong” while Wildlife Rescue Center (Behind the Scenes) greatly provides the deep insightful wildlife protection and conservation in Cambodia.

Our Tailor-made Phnom Penh

Best Iconic Phnom Penh Tour 3 Nights / 4 Days

Royal Palace Phnom Penh

Basically visit Phnom Penh Capital followed by historical places including Choeung Ek killing fields, Tuol Sleng prison museum, National Museum and Russian Market. The next day…

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Great Phnom Penh Tour with Mt Oudong 4 Nights / 5 Days

Phnom Oudong

This private tour is ideally designed to maximize the experience of discovering Phnom Penh Capital and its neighboring Kampong Spue that truly emerges the…

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Venture The Worth Phnom Penh Tour 5 Nights / 6 Days

Wildlife Alliance

This is the great value trip in Phnom Penh included best attractions and unique experience to visit the vibes of Phnom Penh Capital followed by sunset cocktail as well as…

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Phnom Penh Tour & Mt Oudong 1 Day

Phnom Oudong

The private day trip provides you a wonderful travel experience to explore the former Khmer Capital “Phnom Oudong” along with interesting history, impressive…

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Luxury Tours of Siem Reap

Best Angkor Luxury Tour 4 Nights / 5 Days

Angkor Wat Temple

Enjoy the best selection of accommodation, restaurants, the special spa treatment and top sightseeing tours in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The journey offers fully guided…

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Angkor Sweet Honeymoon 4 Nights / 5 Days

Romantic Dining Experience

Ideally designed for couples who planning for their amazing honeymoon trip to Cambodia. This tailor made honeymoon tour offers the perfection to gently explore…

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Siem Reap Leisure Luxury Tour 5 Nights / 6 Days

Amazong Angkor Apsara Dance Show

Followed by our designated sightseeing tours to explore Angkor heritage, this is perfectly tailor-made experience for your holiday trip to Cambodia, leisurely…

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Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Tour 4 Nights / 5 Days

Skun village

Our classic Cambodia tour 5-day ideally offers nice experience trip that combines Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Capital, includes the main Angkor Complex, the most…

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Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Tour 5 Nights / 6 Days

Royal Palace Phnom Penh

A nice travel experience to explore Angkor heritage of Siem Reap included the famous Angkor Complex, witness the incredible Angkor Wat, and various ancient Angkor…

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Best Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Tour 6 Nights / 7 Days

Angkor Gondola Sunset

Discover the amazing Angkor Archaeological Park of Siem Reap comprising of the famous Angkor Complex that we will have two days to witness the incredible Angkor Wat…

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Awesome Siem Reap and Phnom Penh Tour 8 Nights / 9 Days

Kulen elephant forest

Greatly experience the fantastic Cambodia tour 9 days with discovering the famous Angkor Complex that we will have two days to witness the incredible Angkor Wat…

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