9 Best Things to Do and See in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is rapidly growing until these days, still one of the major tourist destinations in Cambodia for those who seek for beach break, snorkeling, island hopping, scuba-diving, fresh seafood, gambles, casinos and nightlife entertainment. From low, mid to high ranged, accommodating at beautiful resorts, bungalows, lodges or standard hotels at the mainland is a basic relaxing experience while Koh Rong Samloem Island and Koh Rong Island provide ideals for a better beach experience beyond. The city orientation, a day trip of city highlights, islands boat discovery and a sunset boat cruise are optional touring activities which also give beyond to see the local culture, encounters and photography opportunity rather than just relaxing at the seaside. On the mainland, Ochheuteal, Otres and Independence beaches provide variety of beach breaks and seaside activities which overlooking the modern buildings and islands or grab an evening sunset boat party while Sokha beach has private beach, seaside and day tour activities for her own in-house customers.

Koh Rong Island

1. Koh Rong Island

About 40km off the coast of Sihanoukville, the untouched Koh Rong or Island of Paradise is the warmest friendly, popular island in Cambodia, along with the pristine white sands and crystal ocean water of popular Sok San and Long Set beaches, and a great place for underwater discovery, kayaking, fishing, jungle trekking, wind-surfing and capture amazing photos of the bioluminescent plankton. Most of tourists purposely go to Koh Rong for a pleasant seaside, beach relaxation, unwinding yourselves with the stunning views and a family-friendly escape from a hassle city.

Koh Rong Samloem Island

2. Koh Rong Samloem

20km away from her sister Koh Rong Island, Koh Rong Samloem features the lovely sleepy seaside and the white sand beaches overlooking the jungle and mountains. Smaller than Koh Rong Island, the serene beauty is an ideal for those who likely prefer a quiet beach escape to isolate yourselves and your families. While on Koh Rong Samloem, you can do it yourselves a jungle trail trekking to the light tower atop Koh Rong Samloem mountain where you can take photo selfie, breathtaking and enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean and Thailand’s islands. The trekking takes approx. 1 hour per way through easy jungle trail with sounds of birds and wildlife.

The Fishing Port Sihanoukville

3. The Fishing Port Sihanoukville

The bustling dock gathers local shops, houses and colorful fishing boats, an interesting place to observe daily life of fishermen and fishing preparation activities. It’s just 2km from central city of Sihanoukville, this fishing port is one of attractive places you should list in your travel bucket when you plan for a beach hopping in Sihanoukviile.

Phsar Leu Market Sihanoukville

4. Phsar Leu Market

Situates on the upper town, Phsar Leu is the largest local market in Sihanoukville where buyers and vendors meet for daily trade, from fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, clothes to various goods and local authentic food can be found here. It’s a worth visit and best place for shopping along with bargain in Sihanoukville City.

Wat Leu Sihanoukville

5. Wat Leu Pagoda

One of the main active Buddhist pagoda was built on the hilltop which provides panoramic views of Sihanoukville City and beautiful Cambodia’s Islands and you will probably come across monkeys. Wat Leu still remains attractive architectures, a respectful place to enthrone Buddha image and an important place to celebrate national festivals including Pchum Ben, Khmer New Year “Songkran” and more.

Golden Lion Roundabout

6. Golden Lions Roundabout

In gold painted, a female and a male lions standing on the huge concrete roundabout is one of notable major tourist attractions as well as the prominent landmark which presents the power of the provincial city. Locates in the heart of Sihanoukville, it’s hard to miss out taking photos when you’re wandering around for the city highlight or heading to popular Ochheuteal beach.

Ochheuteal Beach

7. Ochheuteal, Otres & Independence Beaches

If you look for fun and beach parties, Ochheuteal and Otres beaches are the most popular places, many colorful restaurants, bars, food stalls and hotel resorts stretches from ferry piers toward the other part of Otres beach, which you can find from fresh seafood, fine dining restaurants, all kinds of drinks and beach hopping, water activities and sunset party boats are available on sites but if you don’t like to see the crowds, Independence beach is absolutely alternative.

Independent Monument Sihanoukville

8. Independence Monument

Away 2.5km from the international seaport, surrounded by a small park and just opposite the meeting hall, the Independence Monument was built in 1985, to remind the proclaiming the independence from French rule in 1953 and it is the most significant place to celebrate the special national holiday of 7th January Day which is the victory day over Khmer Rouge Regime and some of other national holidays are held in the area as well.

Ream National Park

9. Ream National Park

One of the most primary national parks in Cambodia, Ream National Park is the untouched, potential protection area which houses tropical flora and fauna, threatened and endangered species, animals, wildlife, lush mangroves, birds, coral reefs and beaches. A local boat trip through the evergreen forest is one of nice experiences on earth to connect with beautiful environment while keeping eyes on spotting wildlife, monkeys, hornbills and hearing birds singing, with a gentle trekking to observe fishing village animated by daily life before exploring beaches and its stunning view. Due to large Chinese development, Ream National Park may disappoint your trip and sadly not a worth visit anymore but you should check out for the latest update regarding to the developing area.

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