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Angkor Wat Temple

A Complete Guide to Visit Angkor Wat 1 Day

Your complete discovery to Angkor Wat and Angkor Complex can’t exactly miss out either sunrise at itself Angkor Wat or sunset at Phnom Bakheng. Remember that both sites are always crowded. Sunrise at Angkor Wat Temple: Normally, you have to leave at the dawn (5.00am) straight to Angkor Wat temple or leave at 4.30am if you haven’t purchased Angkor ticket. Entering from the west Gopura of Angkor…

Direct Flights to Cambodia

How to plan your holiday trips to Cambodia?

Cambodia is the Landmark of Ancient City, one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia, the fascinating Siem Reap is famed for its marvelous Angkor Wat, the unrivaled masterpieces & the finest architectures that makes Siem Rea become a pearl city of wonder. Distinctively, from Angkor archaeology to the modern capital city of Phnom Penh where precious Royal Palace stands, Cambodia’s southern coasts…

Cambodia Border Crossing

Cambodia Frequently Asking Questions

When is the best time to visit Cambodia? Peak seasons fall from the middle of December to the early of January, everything looks busy, hassle and hospitality services are unprecedentedly booked up quickly when most of people start to escape to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve. However, from November to the end of February is considered as the best period for planning a holiday trip to Cambodia…