Friendly Environment & Responsible Tourism (FIRT)

Based on our experience, training, getting involved to be a part of social friendly environment and responsible tourism, We Guiding Cambodia - the tour operator commits to lead our team, partners and our customers to a “Green Trail” where we do our best to minimize tourist impact as much as possible. Together, we believe that we can decrease the negative impact from tourist increase, keep our environment clean, be responsible tourists, bring both community and locals the sustainable projects every time we take tourists to visit their villages, and get involved with social activities.

How to get involved?
  • We are the key trailblazers who are always the examples for our team, partners and customers. We don’t extremely propose any kinds of tours for gaming such shooting animals, wildlife or any lives to pleasure anyone’s satisfaction. Relatively, elephant ride are NOT welcome but riding bikes are more than inspired. However, if you are elephant lovers, northern Cambodia “Ratanakiri & Mondulkiri” is an ideal for bathing, learning, feeding and playing with elephant families.
  • We would love to advise you to use our lovely refill-bottle which will be provided on your arrival day. The refill-bottle will be yours and you need to make sure the bottle is clean and use it during your trip. You can refill your bottles with the cold water from our big bottle – it’s purified drinking water “Jasmine” that is used and trusted by locals and expats. If you only purchase our private day trips, the refill bottles are provided and you need to return them back once the trips finished.
  • Your purchased day trips or any full tour packages are recorded and will be deducted for our sustainable projects including Bio-sand Water Filter (our first prior project), Trash Bins, Ground Water Pump, Toilet and house repairing/building. Here is how we organize and deduct the gross profit for our sustainable projects.
  1. Day Trips: When you’re on our private day trips, you’ve already contribute $2.00/pax per tour to the projects.
  2. Full Packages: As we want you to be able to afford and experience our private tailor-made tours with us and we did our best to provide good rates while the tour marketing and rates are now very competitive, so we will definitely deduct $4.00/pax per day to keep our projects ongoing. This means you’ve also funded to the projects when you booked a full tour package with us.

How we organize and record?
  • Our accountant keeps recording all confirmed bookings and her job is to save the fund for the ongoing projects.
  • A full list of those who traveled with us, their names will be shown on our excel list that will be monthly published on our webpage and all of you will get notification by email when we begin to publish it. So you will see our actual financial report on what we spend the funds.
  • Our first prior project is Bio-sand Water Filter which will be donated to a remote village or a village we visited if really needed. One Bio-sand Water Filter cost from $80 to $120 included delivery, labor service and installation fee. Once a Bio-sand Water Filter is installed, we take photos with the family along with the Bio-sand Water Filter and share it on our webpage, and of course, you will get notified.
  • You are welcome to donate for Bio-sand Water Filter or a full donate for one Bio-sand Water Filter is also appreciated and we will organize the Bio-sand Water Filter with your name printed on it, and will forward photos direct to you.
  • Bio-sand Water Filter project is start from January 2019 and the next following projects will keep posted and updated on our webpage.

Using our gorgeous “Creative Recycle Shopping Bag”
This is a gift for everyone and some of you may get surprised, and may not or love it because made from simple material attaching to recycled jean-pockets. The initial was begun by 2 sisters living off skirt Siem Reap, tried their best hard to make a living better in rural village, those sisters have turned a lot of second hand jeans to various interesting recycled products and spent of their time to participate the social events to promote environmental education.
"Open me up then you will love to use me when you go shopping" can be the only creative recycled-shopping bags in the world.
Note: This gift is provided for those who purchase our fully packaged trips only.

  • We’ve contributed our times to inspire the local people and our partners (drivers, guides etc.) to understand the environmental issues from tourist impacts and how to participate keep environment clean though reducing usage of plastic bags, burning plastic/rubber and get involved with planting more trees etc.
  • We don’t use packed bottles of water and wet tissues that increase the plastic wastes or landfill. You will use the refill bottle as mentioned above and cold face towels with lemongrass smell are provided on your touring days. Please try your best not to waste the face towels after using it because we will pick up the ones that we can properly clean and reuse it for the next tours.
  • At least, we make a meal booking at one of non-profit training restaurants so that we you can enjoy Cambodian authentic dishes, your participation will support their training school restaurant.
  • We don’t support the family businesses – those who have relatives running similar businesses where the profit goes to one pocket of families or relatives.
  • Paper Printing; we don’t print out unnecessary document and you probably see our team use papers with lines cross out at the other side. So please don’t consider on other negative ways as if we’re trying to cut down the paper waste.